The Devils of D-Day – Graham Masteron


It is one of my favourite books and one that I had wished was expanded upon as I think Masterton could do so much more with “The Devils of D-Day”. Nevertheless it is great and quick read for one windy evening when you are reflecting about what could happen to the world if fate of the second World War was…. Never mind.
We meet Dan McCook a cartographer who came from America to map the areas around Normandy to use in a book talking about the second World War. He comes across some French workers who tell him about an old tank that was just left alone in some bushes since the war times.
Of course Dan turns out to be one of the nosey people and he decides to investigate the strange tank and he finds out that the tank belongs to a family that is really upset by the tank’s presence as it apparently caused them some serious suffering in the past.
People blame the tank for strange occurrences in the village and some even report noises coming from within the old machine of destruction. Dan gets really drawn into the story and after further investigation he finds a priest who tells him a story about American army deploying 13 tanks, each one occupied by a different demon, to destroy the enemies. It was believed the demons were summoned from the hell.
Unfortunate things tend to happen to all of us and that abandoned tank which drives Dan’s curiosity turns out to be one of them tanks that before it could be deployed broke down. According to the priest there was no effort made to remove the tank, the Americans only sealed the tank’s tower and some priest said some prayers in front of it. After the war finished  the devils were meant to be held down by some strong spell casted on the tank and no one really had done to it ever since.
Dan remains intrigued and decides to record the noises and investigate the matter further only to fell in a demons trap that tricks him into freeing the demon…. Dan has a plan to counteract it but will he succeed or will he be defeated…?
I think rest of the story is something one might want to read themselves. Since I always was interested in the Nazis mysterious experiments and cruelty of the war, the very short (oh why is it so short) story of “The Devils of D-Day” takes me on a crazy ride where my imagination and sense of terror are tickled with no remorse whatsoever….


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