The Burning – Graham Masterton


Not many books written by Graham Masterton were turned into movies, perhaps most of them were just to graphic to try to show to the public without removing some important scenes that were just an integral part of how it all goes in Masterson’s worlds.
“The Burning” also known as “The Hymn” is another great example at how the author integrated some common beliefs, mixed some real history and decided to scare us away.
In this title we have a happy woman who decides to take her life away in a rather drastic way of setting fire to herself after she soaked in fuel. Her boyfriend who doesn’t believe the fact his sweat heart had a dying wish tries to find out what happens and at some point I bet he wishes he never had.
After he learns that his soon to be wife wasn’t the only one that immolated herself he just digs deeper and deeper until he finds out his fiancee was follower of cult which founder promised immortality to those who’d sacrifice themselves by being eaten by fire.
The cult originated during the second world war when the Nazis tried to create an army of a superior beings and one of the pieces was never released last opera by Wagner. It all starts getting complicated but what our main character faces becomes much more terrifying than finding out exactly what happened to his darling. It could involve the future fate of the world.
While this book isn’t as scary as some other ones written by Masterton, “The Burning” takes a reader on a journey where one must ask about matters such suffering, what humanity turned into, the meaning of life and death.
With so many various and different characters plotted into the story, the dread of the Third Reich influencing the present times, one must nearly sense the urgency of what is presented to us and there is no time to waste.


One thought on “The Burning – Graham Masterton

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