Who are you, Nick Valentine?

Fallout 4_20151211224323

Fallout 4_20151211224323

” I told them I was rigged to explode and started going ‘beep, beep, beep’.”

That’s how Nick Valentine managed to rescue Diamond’s City mayor’s daughter and slowly earn respect of the community. That’s a very short look at it, anyway.
Since I don’t really follow shown path, after I got my are of frozen vault 111 in Fallout 4, I went east and missed the easy beginnings of Sanctuary and the early quests.
Instead I just wandered around and came eventually towards Red Rocket Truck Stop where I grabbed my long awaited companion the Dogmeat and I was happily discovering the wasteland and all it had to offer.
I had to eventually got onto main quest and me and Dogmeat were an item, I even didn’t want Codsworth as my mate initially but my love for Dogmeat slowly faded and it came to halt when I met, the charmingly portrayed Valentine on my way of finding out truth about my lost son.
Yeah he didn’t look right, his eyes were inhuman and there was something robotic coming out of Nick but still his strongly set personality was drawing me in deeper and deeper,
We’ve had plenty of fun completing quests relating to the story and I was happy I let Dogmeat have a break (this time around I didn’t read much about Fallout 4 pre release as I just wanted to be surprised by the game itself, which nowadays might be a hard task to avoid with so many reviews, videos and whatnot leading to release of a game, hence the fact about companions didn’t really register in my head) and enjoy the social aspect of the created AI and having Nick as first proper companion set the rest of them to failure (although not as much as I initially thought- I’m currently crushing on Piper /yes I know she’s not real/) since he just didn’t come across as robotic or lacking feelings.
Through the process of unraveling his story and his likes and dislikes this character threw a massive spanner in the works for me as a long standing fan of Brotherhood of Steel. With his “past” and his current position I can’t really see myself becoming allies with the BoS as I wouldn’t like to lose my friend who wears his funky coat and a hat (although sometimes I wish I could redress him for some giggles) and who is currently tending to my tatos at Abernathy Farm which is still my home and first settlement I got busy with.
But “interacting” with Nick and chasing the demons of my family’s past I kept on asking, “Who are you Nick? Can I trust you?” having thoughts of his malfunctioning synth body sometimes and going nuts on me came across my mind but through all the joint escapades he’s been a solid… Friend. Yes. I think I can call him my friend that unfortunately lives inside my own imagination, sparked by spending some time playing Fallout 4.
Perhaps I should spend a bit more time among the humans….


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