Top selling NFL jerseys in Super Bowl or the lack thereof.


I was sat on my chair thinking about popularity, merchandise (like NFL jerseys) and how the success can translate into money and a driving force for something spectacular to happen (MJ and NBA’s explosion in the eighties and nineties really strikes me hard as we could even feel it in Poland that was just trying to stand on its own independent legs).
I thought, “Oh I wonder how many Carolina’s jersey no 1 wearing fans there will be in Santa Clara” and then I wanted to find out how the success of certain teams translated into people buying the  NFL jerseys and to my surprise it looks there might be slightly more of the Panthers no 59 out there than no 1.
With the league being so quarterback driven it really shocked me that Luke Kuechly “was outselling” Cam Newton but perhaps Newton’s explosive nature might not be to everyone’s liking, especially this year when the Panthers seem so unstoppable.
Looking at the data released by NFL Players Inc about NFL jersey sales between March the 1st and November the 30th 2015 Kuechly ranked 18 with Newton being 22.. There was no more players from Carolina in top 50.
Then I thought “How does it look on the Broncos side?” And it shocked me even more as I saw only Manning’s name on the list, ranking in fifth. So we have two very talented teams appearing in Super Bowl 50, both teams have plenty of playmakers and looking at the sales figures 3 players are easily recognisable for the crowd whereas rest kind of gets lost in the immense number of players.
For comparison let’s look at Green Bay. Team that wasn’t in Super Bowl last season, a team who lost its playmaker before the season even started and you see 4 players in the top 50. Funny enough, Jordy Nelson who hasn’t recorded a single snap this season ranked just one place below Newton. What gives?
Well, I suppose size of the market, how loyal the fans are, how high is the unemployment rate in said areas and probably even the shape of a bottle of milk might give some one a huge hump.
So what if we had popularity based championship. Let’s have a look using the more the better method 😉 I’ve added all the top 50 jersey sales and two highest selling teams from each conference would make the relevant championship games.

AFC Championship Game:
Pittsburgh Steelers (3) @ New England Patriots (3)
NFC Championship Game:
Green Bay Packers (4) @ Seattle Seahawks (6)

Given the fact that Patriots jerseys were higher on the list they should just eek out the Steelers by a field goal to Super Bowl trip and Seahawks would beat the Packers soundly which would give us the reply of last year game with the Patriots vs Seahawks this time the birds really dropping it onto the Pats.
Given how similar it all looks I can only assume that Newton and Kuechly’s  NFL jerseys will be higher up in November 2016 with probably addiction of Josh Norman and Jonathan Stewart’s ones. Who knows?
All I really know that the lone Colt on the list came in person of battered Andrew Luck in 15th, who got “outclassed” by Marius Mariota, Colin Kaepernick and soundly beaten up Tony Romo.


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