Madden 16

I have been toying around with the idea of doing offline franchise mode with some sort of twist or perhaps with a bit of unusual (for me) settings or set circumstances but I simply can not get going.
Through the last several years there’s been so much emphasis put on social aspect of gaming and competing against your friends and foes that the poor AI has been left out by many and that includes me. I mean I’ll still play against it but when it comes to games I noticed that one of the criteria I’ll look at when spending my limited amount of money is the one where I can simply enjoy steady and organised way of playing against humans as we are simply unpredictable.
Whether it’s a racing game, sports game or a shooter playing against humans has a lot of perks but you gotta put some effort into finding right group, investing time into it and maintain your commitment and availability. Sometimes you simply are “forced” to play at times you’d normally do something else.
That’s the perk of AI peeps. They are always there but they can be so stupid it is off putting at times and I think that’s why I’m stuck with the franchise idea on Madden 16. Some of the decisions the AI makes, are just plain stupid and I have no way of stopping them really at times and it takes some of the “realism” away as when compared to human opponent.
Perhaps I should just get down to it and let it roll and see where it takes me (perhaps making some sort of series of entries here for the future generations who got lost in the internets) but somehow I can not get invested in a romance with AI.
Damn you, you sneaky multiplayer mistress!


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