The Keep – where it all started.


I found that book amongst many others that were neatly put on a bookshelf that was hanging on a wall of my aunt’s guest room. I was looking for comic books that I wanted to flip through to experience my childhood years again as I felt I was missing something.
I noticed the cover of The Keep (pictured above – in Polish language as I read it while leaving in Poland) and I just felt this fear creeping underneath my skin. I opened it and started reading and soon enough I was completely somewhere else and I was someone else.
I don’t remember the exact plot but I have many “pictures” stored in my head that link my vague hazy memories to that book. The first one is the distant view of the castle/fortress that most of the time is covered with low cover of cloud, sometimes with a dark fog. You can never really see the very top and at times the visibility is so bad that you can’t even see the foundation of the fortress. You can only see the path leading to it through the hill where the devil’s home is located.
Another picture is only felt more as a presence in a corner that isn’t lit enough. You know you shouldn’t go there or even look in that direction but somehow you’re mesmerised and you have to dig deeper…
There are pictures of soldiers in my head, one by one killed in unexplained circumstances. The villagers that know the evil lives there and their fear somehow becomes mine. Even though I don’t know what they know but I sure want to find out…
The story that happens during the second world war period in Romania mixes very well the horror of the times with cruel life that soldiers sometimes just must get on with. With Romania having a rich history of vampires and mane strange local legends of the Nazis creating human experiments during the war the place and the time becomes a perfect scenario to grab you strongly.
As I mentioned earlier I don’t remember much of the story now, perhaps I’ll read the book again to indulge myself in the dread. To discover once again what hides behind many doors of the fortress, to understand that little village community history and to find out if there’s an explanation and more importantly if there is saviour that can deal with the unexplained presence lurking in every dark corner of the fortress and our imagination.


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