Current mood – Irreligious

It is a bit windy, wet Tuesday’s morning and I just feel lazy. I get that often, feeling like I need a kick up my are to get started. Today I’m serving myself a bit of Portuguese stuff.
Today is the day to revisit “Irreligious” by Moonspell. That particular album was given to me to listen early in my journey through goth/metal genre it was a nice and welcomed change after I was given some really black and quite heavy stuff to get acquainted with the subculture. It was too much so when I got into listening “Irreligious” on my way home in bus it hit me with a structure, parts of clean vocals by the band’s leader Fernando and I thought that this was closer to what my heart desired than the continuous growling and screaming I was introduced earlier.
The whole album carries a very nice cemetery atmosphere with some great little effects thrown in to get you really in the sense of this coming dread. It is very melodic and to some degree even uplifting in moments just to make you feel crashed and resigned in others.
Given the bands origins one can really also hear and taste that bit of fiery nature of people from the hot regions of Portugal. It is band that when listened to live sounds much better than on tape and the drummer does an incredible job.
I think my best option would be to direct you to the whole album where you can share this scary walk among some rusty graveyards with me. Come on don’t be afraid!


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