NFC Championship Game. The Countdown.

I have decided to write the NFC Championship Game preview. I know many might ask, many questions like:- “who the heck is he”? or “what does he know about football”?or “why does he think he can just write a review of an event he isn’t even has ‘real’ knowledge about”?
Well. Why not I ask you??? There’s tons of people writing, blogging, blogging, youtubing about it. I know many are “experts” in the area because they played the game for years, coached it, covered it for many papers and magazines for years… Bla…bleah…blaaaahhh…
It’s my space. I have no one to talk about it and well… I want to!
So here we go. We are less than 36 hours away from NFC Championship Game that is set to occur at the Bank of America Stadium, in Charlotte somewhere out there in North Carolina where once Michael Jordan was doing his incredible stuff.
I don’t really know what to expect from these teams. NFC has never been my thing, besides the Packers I take little interest in this Conference so I can’t say I know the participating teams well.
Especially the Cardinals! I mean, come on! When I put Madden 16 in and the starting sequence was asking me to play through Steelers- Cardinals match up in Super Bowl 50 I thought that EA just lost their mind picking the Cardinals, yet here we are, one game away from them reaching the Super Bowl. It goes to show how little I know.
I didn’t expect the Panthers to make a lot of noise after their 2014-15 season that ended up with so many bruises and broken ribs, but here they are! They nearly completed Perfect Season and besides Cam Newton or Luke Kuechly, the team seemed to have missing big names.
Now we can throw in Josh Norman and Greg Olsen and even Michael Over who got famous because of some movie and hey, presto you get a great core of players that appeared to meshed together well.
When it came to Arizona all I could think of was ageing Larry Fitzgerald and kind of boring Carson Palmer. Pair of running backs Johnsons showed their claws, Dwight Freeney sparked some life in pass rush, and Tyrann Mathieu made a progress in his career elevating him to a solid starting position, who is sadly going to miss post season due to an injury.
I still don’t really know the teams and I think Carolina is going to win, although I’d prefer for Arizona to accomplish that feat, mainly because I like Bruce Arians, even though I hadn’t been following the NFL when he took over from coach Pagano when he battled his demons. I kind of tried to keep up with bits and bobs about Arians and sometimes thus season I wished he was still mentoring Andrew Luck.
We have got two top teams in points scored per game and somehow I think it really might come down to some ground pounding grinding where every yard of a punt is important and passing plays are not as easy to come as in the regular season.
Perhaps I am mistaken but with these two rosters lacking somewhat in big games experiences, I think cautious bravery might be the thing to go about.
Both teams have top ten defences in most stats and with January and playing outside the game should turn into an ugly punt festival to begin with until someone bites in and then… Carolina wins 19-17 and my son will remain happy as he’s cheering for the 92 ovr team in Madden.
Ah kids and their simplicity.
Now you can crucify me for daring to write this preview of NFC Championship Game!



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