Fallout 4 dilemmas and how I got lost.

For those who are playing Fallout 4 and haven’t advanced in the story too far, this entry is not a great place to start reading and enjoying their time. It might provide you with some spoilers and we all know, that unannounced spoilers do make us angry at times so please, come back here later but don’t leave my space for ever. I like you! Well I think I do…
Anyways I got to the stage that soon Fallout factions will be chosen and there’ll be no point of return. I will start quests that will make me enemies to some and I’m kind of stuck as to who I’d like to help and who annoys me plus my Father’s, erm… son’s (damn you, you freezer) credibility is a bit shakey in my suspecting mind.
I just don’t really know how I feel about it all and distracting myself with the same quests I get from Preston is just getting on my nerves now, and I think all I got left are just a bunch of miscellaneous quests to sort out and just wondering about the lovely wastelands, waiting for the so atmospheric radiation storm. I wish these happened often!
So Minuteman, Railroad, Brotherhood of Steel or the Institute. Here’s my dilemma. I think I can cross of Railroad easily as their all existence and what they fight for and their leader are just not appealing to me. Not even Tinker Tom with his fairly disappointing assortment of stuff would be able to swing my opinion towards that party.
Plus Desdemona is not really my type of a girl to get really dirty with and get all involved so yeah… Railroad can go away.
BoS, well initially that was my go to faction. I guess some dusty sentiment from Fallout 3 times, when we fought the enclave with Liberty Prime, still cruising through my blood vessels but that Fallout faction shocked my with their rough approach to Paladin Dense.
I did all I could to save him and to my surprise I succeeded (and was able to eventually obtain his companion perk afterwards) but it really shook my faith into this group and their beardy leader Elder Maxson just really put me off hanging around this group.
Especially that I also love Nick Valentine so being a good mates with two synths just doesn’t look great as a resume for a respected BoS officer. But I still have their faction marked as “open”, just need a reason to work around their aversion to my synths friends.
Minutemen of all, don’t really seem worthy of belonging to group of Fallout factions but hey they are there with Preston and his stupid hat. Well currently he’s wearing mailman uniform with some beret but gosh, he can be annoying like hell!
My son (who I let watch coz I’m not one of them crazy parents) really likes him and he insist I go with that faction and it is a choice I can consider but Preston. I wish I could just make him go away and rebrand the group into something more appealing to me. Anyways…
The Institute and the Father who is my son. I suspected from the beginning that the Institute will be a place where I find Shaun (since everyone in Commonwealth hates them). I just didn’t see that time conundrum and his strong position within the organisation. Thing is…
I don’t trust my son. He’s supposed to be my DNA and all that stuff but I feel like he’s a bit of a fake identity plus his recent news of dying of cancer (I warned you about the unannounced spoilers! It’s your fault!) just adds up to all this story being an ugly set up.
At the end of the day I can make couple of saves in critical points and do all the endings but I want to commit to one of Fallout factions before I get going and live with my choices. Then of course I could do rest of the endings to grab that platinum trophy (if I ever figure out the 100% happiness in settlement stuff) but going forward into Fallout 5 I want to stand proud, saying… “Well I have led (insert faction name) in Fallout 4 and it was grand experience”.
I’m still undecided and I think I might need few more days of just walking about discovering places before I make my mind…
On an ending side note, I miss the multiple choice of ending for each quest that was employed in Fallout 3 and the Karma system. Fallout: NV was grand with its hard core mode. Perhaps in Fallout 5 and in the meantime let me decide the fate of my Commonwealth.
What is going to be yours?


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